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Represent movement from one place to another, just river flows smoothly without going back. Shows enterprise, enthusiasm, love of ambition, forcefulness, and go-ahead spirit, fame recognition and popularity, and ability to complete plans and execute them in a short time. Always loves change and reform. Represent the busy people, the best businessmen, pioneers. who rise in life on their own and those who make headway against heavy odds and impediments. Native independent in spirit and self assertive. Dislike dependence on others and averse to subordination.

Ailments affecting the head, stomach, kidneys and all movable/functional disorders, tend to brain fever, headaches, disorders of stomach, kidney trouble, cold, injuries to head and knees. Afflictions from movable sign indicate acute ailments which usually run their course and leave no particular trace.

Majority planets are in movable or when they are in kendras, it shows that one will hold a prominent position be it trade, business, politics or profession. Will exhibit ambition and enterprise to a great degree. Will never feel fully satisfied unless they are at the head of things. Fond of changes in life and will have many changes too.

Sani in 11th signifies fixed sign -delay and hindrance through friends..


Fixed sign bring gain through authoritative influence investments and accumulation of unearned income. No fluctuation denoted, one can expect to have a fixed income.

Dual on Third Cusp make the mind more receptive, methodical, systematic and easily affected by surroundings.

Dual sign connected with 6,10 one is best fitted to serve others. For instance, one can act as a middleman, agent clerk, editor speaker.


Represent the vital spirit including activity. Tend to an assertive, independent, courageous & enthusiastic nature. They signify activity and ambition, vigour and vitality, energy & push. When fiery on the cusp of Ascendant the disposition is said to be proud , enterprising & commanding with more desire to lead others than serve them. Native may be argumentative & selfconfident. Mind is aspiring, acute & penetrating. Native will not relish to suggestion offered by others and will act on his own impulses. A spiritual bent of mind is also denoted. Causes inflamatory disorders, fevers, sudden illness usually acute but lasting only for a short duration. Planets in fiery more active dangerous vocation.



Possess middle stature, lean and mascular body, neither stout nor thick. Complexion will be ruddy, broad at temple and narrow at chin. eyes looks like military people, small and sharp like eagle.


Ever active and ambitious. Bold and impulsive, If afflicted will be rash and aggressive. Beneficial aspect will give confidence and courage. Always aim high and are ever enterprising.

Desires to be at the head of all affairs. Donít relish suggestions from others but act only according to his own judgment. Donít like subordination but wish to be the leader in thought and action. Best fitted to guide, control and govern others . It gives determination and force of character. Act quickly with unbounded self- confidence. Have much executive ability and uncompromising spirit. Will not hesitate to change whatever he dislike and whenever they want. Cannot wait patiently for opportunities to come but will go out and create them to fulfill his desire. His mind will be pregnant with ideas and his desire will be to execute them at once. Best fitted to deal withany situation or emergency. Never sacrifice his personal desires for others. You will be drawn into quarrel and donot fare well, sometimes become fruitful and boisterous. Wil try to stick to his own views. underestilmates others. over optimistic , over-shoots the mark and will over-trade in business. You will not look before you leap. Consistency isnot your virtue. Will take upfresh enterprises before completing those on hand. Even if you occupay a humble and subordinate position, you will try to be at the head of some branch of your work. Very quickly you shceme, plan and execute with the ultimate object of directing others. You ardently demonstrative and possionarte. You are tenacious and purposeful. Accent is on the end land not on lthe means.You are egoistic with the predominating in you.


Possess good health , will have enough of immunity but or prone to minor injuries frequently and accidents sometimes to head. Wherever there is an element of risk you should exercise care, especially when deal with sharp instruments, drilving. Will fond of sports . Better fited for games lasting onl y for a few minutes. You are suspetible for head and abdomen health care. You require plenty of rest and sleep and also good food with plenty of vegetables. You have to relax and control your feeling. Should avoid worry, excitement and anger. You become impatient of sickness and tries to have a quick recovery. Avoid stimulants.


You may not amass wealth yet you have a desire to earn much and spend likewise. May lose money through impulsive purchases and rash investments. Always think only for today and never of tomorrow. You never balance your lbudget. On a later date you will realise.. Best remedy for you is to think before you act. You will advise others in spending and saving, bu t will not follow.


Extremely frank and enthusiastic even in love. Good nature and charm attract the opposite sex. Take practical steps, wants freedom adventure in love and everlasting affection. Dominant nagture is softened, you can be very happy. You should not be impatient and emotional. Stick on to the old lover. You will be witty and independent. You will have pride not only in your appearance but also in the domestic environments. Always speak high of your family. Jealous and pride are your outstanding weaknesses. You will always expect your partner to attend on you, speak high of you and never praise anybody else especially in your presence. You wil prove to be a good host. You love only lsuch a person whom you can admire. For you Leo/Saggittarius will be able to cope with you. Libra will tone down your fiery nature and purchase peace at any price. Aries husbands will prove to be very desirable partners. Usually choose beautiful, clever and good partners. if you hapen to be in good mood, and prefer to be generous and bountifull. Without any planning and without having money on hand, will make impulsive purchases on credit. You love your home and family. Always try to be in the midst of your family members. Try to keep the house neat. You are excellent hosts and keep good company. Never lack in friends who will pay visits often and keep you cheerful

Points to be kept in mind:

You would change your views quite suddenly without any consideration; at last you realise that such a change has not done any benefit to you. Hence consider every matter deeply, calmly and wisely. You will not relish othersí suggestions. But cultivate to take the advice of the wise and experienced persons who proceed steadily in all matters. You will be dogmatic in religious matters. You will be a fanatic and an extremist. This will create many enemies and cause varieties of troubles. Whenever you meet with opposition, you lose your temper. Use your militant nature and abuse others. You will sweep aside every obstacle that confronts your way without scrutinising the means you employ to get rid of it. So give up that fighting tendency and be considerate. Whenever there is litigation about your land/building or the boundry try to compromise. In married life, do not widen the gap, by repeatedly finding fault with your partner for silly things and picking up quarrels. So, have a control over your temper. Do not get elevated when someone talks high of you. Consider why he talks so and judge properly. Neither be extravagant nor impulsive suppose you do, as you like, then you yourself will say that you had wasted a great deal of time, energy and money. Do not you realise that hasty action takes you by wrong route and the whole attempt was a waste? Hurriedly one thing which you can do, is to catch flies, as the Russians say, so cultivate patience, perseverance will follow. Prosperity will be the result. But if you never hear others, how can you expect others to answer your call when you need it. That is why, in politics, none can be a successful person for a long term. Always you should have a long range policy. Follow the above advice. Will you do? Then you are the leader.


Tuesday,Saturday andFriday. Monday & Sunday are fair.Other days are expensive and undesirable. 9 8& 6.

Astrology is divine Science and tries to indicate future probabilities and thus helps the native for proper

planning with increased awareness and with preparedness for accepting the GODíS WILL thruí planets.