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Rouses the desire nature, giving stamina and persistence in action. Very strong and determined will. They are pre-eminently thorough. Make up their mind to do anything, they will keep on working with remarkable patience and persistence until success comes to them. Very practical in their approach. They will not mind doing anything for one whom has won their affection. They are very firm in their mental attitude and once an opinion has been formed they cling to it with tenacity. Very difficult people to convince but, when once won over to a cause they will defend in to the last.

Will be outspoken, self-reliant and reliable and remarkably patient. On the other side are obstinate, rigid, dogmatic, unrelenting and unbending. They persist in a given direction and neither reason nor argument will turn them. Their tendency is to seek solitude and become self-absorbed. These people are endowed with good executive ability. Very fond of comfort, luxury and other refining influences of life.

Health: Ailments affecting heart and generative system. Chronic/organic troubles are threatened may suffer from disease like diphtheria, bronchitis, asthma, and heart troubles of defective circulation and spinal complaints. Affliction denotes one may inherit hereditary diseases, which usually become chronic.

Third cusp Movable, signifies that the mind is often aspiring, active ambitious, enterprising but changeable. Love changes and like travels. Will do a lot of travelling about close ties with cousins, neighborís etc. And with relatives in general are developed.

Dynamic energy, one will be able to take up pioneer work. Natives ardent in whatever they undertake and they once espouse a cause social, political, religious or educational or any other they will work for that cause with all the vim and vigor of their energetic nature. They succeed through sheer audacity.

Persons influenced by these signs are best fitted in positions that require speed and swiftness, wit and ingenuity and tact and diplomacy. Never rest contents until they are in the lead of whatever pursuit they follow. They scorn subordination. Natives are ideally suited to occupy responsible and authoritative positions.

Movable sign on angles (5th&9th) one will be resourceful and alert. Would grasp an idea very quickly. Being enterprising and active, he will shun no effort in order to succeed. He will succeed in any enterprise, come what may. A brave, bold and indomitable spirit is indicated.

When fixed sign are on Kendras - One will be firm, determined dignified and self-reliant. He will be slow and plodding but will succeed eventually. Requires time to come to a decision. Patient persistence in every doing. He is sure to rise in life through fixity of purpose and persistent effort. He will put his talent to the best use. Set back does not daunt him. He will adhere to a method only after being satisfied that it will meet his requirements. It is next to impossible to change him but when veered round to cause, he will prove to be its most ardent and reliable advocate.

Bring income to one through service and ordinary means. Finance is prone to fluctuation. The man of dual sign being lazy and indifferent, will be indifferent even in regard to accumulation of wealth.

Dual sign connected with 2,6,10 one is best fitted to serve others. For instance, one can act as a middleman, agent clerk, and editor speaker.

If 1 & 7 lords are in harmonious aspect or parivartana partnership is advisable; a good mutual working arrangement is indicated. If the cusp of the 11th and 11th lord is in common sign one will acquire doubtful friendships (Asc.Fixed).


Show solidity & stability. Indicate material welfare and the native will be sent on making wealth & seeking power and position. This ascendant gives good health. One will be careful & cautious premeditative, prudent & practical, secretive & suspicious, stubborn & self protective, slow & steady, reserved and retrained, methodical and economical, plodding and preserving. Mind is practical objective, scientific, methodical and materialistic. When a majority of planets occupy earthy, business would be the best.


General Predictions:


Stature will be middle, body plumpy, and forehead broad. Neck thick and stout, eyes bright, hair dark, complexion, clear, in appearance solidly built and stocky, shoulders big and muscles well developed.


Will put up with a lot of provocation can endure and be very patient. He works steadily and waits for the results to come up at one time or the other. When provoked to anger, become very wild with rage and they are dangerous like earthquake. Violent and unrelenting. You are slow and steady, plodding and persevering, patient and persistent, enduring and executive. You are conservative. You will never waste advantageous and your energy. You will have strong will. You are determined and dogmatic. Anything done is deliberate and well thought out beforehand. You will not mind to bide your time till you feel that it is wise to act. Will have a sharp eye on your money. worldly possessions and impelling appetite for food. And preferring sweets. Will worship money; and those which money can buy. You concentrate your thoughts. You have IMMENSE power and will. You may be worldly and take pleasure in the good things of life. You are fond of ease, comfort and feast. You live in your feelings rather than in your mind. You are to energize your mind a little more and live little less in your feelings, your will help yourself to maintain good health. You are straightforward and natural. Your nature will be plain. You do not jump to conclusions without considering the pros and cons. You can depend on your opinion, as it will be unbiased and honest. You will be ambitious and cheerful. As it is the second sign of the zodiac representing face expression etc., you will be ever smiling. May be highly diplomatic. And difficult to understand you. Venus will give a legacy at any part of your life because you will command the good will and sincere affection of your relatives. You will be fortunate and lakshmi will bless you with ornaments, costly jewels, gems, furniture, conveyance and comforts. You will also be blessed with estates, garden etc. and your hobby also will be horticulture will evince keen interest in such and lead a pleasant life. All pleasurable natural scenery will appeal to your mind. Will prefer solitude and rural life if Saturn influences. You will have knowledge and intuition deep set. You are not verbose. Formulate your own opinions. Do not yield to othersí suggestions or orders. Will prove to be very stubborn and steadfast. Will argue and convince others, but to change your view, once formed, is out of question.

You are very slow in accomplishment, which is correct when certain circumstances need great deliberation; anyhow you need some more speed to cope with majority of your working without pulling matters over and over again. You are the best long-term planner. In spite of any opposition or criticism from others, you will carry out your original plan, fight it out and emerge victorious, triumphant and successful. In love affairs you will continue to be loyal and true to the love whom the person likes, even though there may be opposition or upsetting conditions. A little of self-control is necessary in early life, especially when Saturn aspects or in lagna. Enjoy fleshpots and the pleasant things of life to such a great extent that you will have unbounded appetite. One is to try to lead a temperate life. Taste in arts, music, cinema, drama, etc. You are lucky because you know the value of money. How to handle it and never give away easily, will be at ease only when you receive money, put it in the pocket or keep it in a safe or deposit in the bank. You do not believe in mere hopes of making money or realizing the entangled money on a later date. Though you believe that haste is waste yet to make money, you do not hesitate.

You should not be obstinate, nor slow, in action. Also one should not be so selfish nor vindictive by retaining anger for a very long time.


Normally you have robust health. Will appear to have super human strength. You are best adapted for hard work. You appear to suffer from an over-abundance of life rather than a deficiency of it. Unlike others you are less sensitive to pains. You will never admit physical disability. If you fall ill, you suffer for a long time without revealing it. Your recuperative powers are not satisfactory. Hence your recovery is generally slow.

Generally tonsils, diphtheria affections of throat, palate and neck. Shows that one may all from cold and apoplexy constipation, plethora and similar difficulties may be experienced as age advances. Throat is main part to take care.


Patience and perseverance pays you. Will be able to accumulate and hoard money. You will be cautious while spending, especially when you are in need. When once fortune is made, you spend to your satisfaction, keeping a portion always in reserve even though you do not risk in money matters. Never will you squander unnecessarily. You may have gambling temperament also. Luckily you will often earn especially during BUDHA periods. As you have patience and perseverance you are able to put on a poker face easily whenever necessary.

You work for material status. Will invest on estates and grow fruits, flowers, tea, coffee, etc. You will have gardens and groves. You will be able to get money for others. Hence you may be brokers, underwriters, etc. To collect share cap for an industry or arrange with bankers for overdraft facilities. You are practical and build your fortune on a steady firm and reinforced foundation. You donít take chances. You do not spend away to the very last penny of your income but always keep something in reserve. You will measure your success only from your savings.


Desires to be comfortable and enjoy life to the full, you always go in for the best paid profession. Have great liking to trade in luxury goods, finance, may; be bankers, or one in the Board Stock brokers, speculators, cashiers, etc. Including gardening, nursery, music pleasure and social success, you will be excellent musician, actor, etc.


Men are good providers and women are good homemakers. Will be happy and harmonious life. Have comfort, rest and peace at home. Like your own native place. Scenery will be attract you. Peace, pleasure, prosperity, property, popularity and position mean much to you. Always supply sumptuous food and give feast to others. When the guest does not serve you similarly you cannot tolerate. Decorate the house, keep furniture etc., tidy and maintain your home in good condition.


Married life:

Take much time to take a decision in the matter of selection of partner, but once you decide a particular partner is ideal, you will stick on and will never leave stone unturned till you come out successfully. Partner in the other two earthy or three watery signs will prove to be good partners contributing to peace. Maintaining harmony and leading a happy life. If you fall in love with any, you are faithful to them to the last. Your emotions will be deep. You do not like to quarrel and you hate confusion. Will have loving wives and the ladies will have devoted husbands. Love is real to them. Will always be fulfill your social and financial obligations. Will always be affectionate, warm and ever loving. Respond to kind treatment. You are flattered by luxury. Divorce is rare. Will endure and suffer even untold miseries and never desert partner. Will have a feeling the spouse must be sheltered, looked after, attended upon, cared for and protected under any circumstances. You adore your spouse. Do not mind taking all pains to supply spouse whatever spouse wants. Your partners born in a higher rank. Spouse may not be related. You are reliable generous and faithful. Never neglect your house. You want your spouse dress nicely and look attractive. You will never find your domestic life tiresome, nor at any part of your life will you regret marriage and look back to the old days when you were free and happy. Ladies will behave both like a mother also a wife. Will appear to be reserved and calm. May doubt your husbandís love and affection and they make no secret of their love. Will also be equally anxious to lead a happy and harmonious wedded life. You seem to care more for your home than you do for yourself between husband and wife. You are more satisfactory and dutiful parent than you do as partner in life.


Will appear to be strict with your children. May even appear to be harsh. Anyhow your intentions are good and your children will in the long run, realizes it and will be much benefited. / You are capable and conscientious parent who try to lead noble family life children will always treat the parents with respect and bring you great pleasure and satisfaction. Will be well built and intelligent.


Great liking beauty and art, and handwriting will be beautifully curved small and smooth. Economical does not leave much space in between words or in between lines. Do not use offensive words. Always mild and gentle. Invariably put a full stop after signature, underline signature with artistic hooks at both ends.

Lucky Days:

Friday lucky, grand success can be expected on Wednesday, Saturday delay the results, but do not deny nor disappoint. Ultimately on Saturdays you will be crowned with success. Tuesday show extravagant expenses. Thursday de note gain to partner. Monday indicate short journey and please correspondence. Sunday show rest at home. PINK GREEN & WHITE GOOD. NOS. 6, 5 & 8. SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND & EMERALD ARE GOOD.

Points to be kept in mind:

Your feelings will be extremely concentrated and they will create many enemies - all undesirable. Further hatred and jealously will be the outcome. You are generally stubborn, rigid, and reserved. But there should be the occasions when you should relax also. Always to be very stubborn will surely do you harms people with this position may be perverse also. It is not as bad as another born being very obstinate. You donít admit that you are a fatalist. But you are always more or less a fatalist. Do not be very selfish. You are called selfish not for pursuing your own good but for neglecting your neighbor. However virtuous you may be, the virtues will not be shine if you are selfish, just as the sweet water in the river loses its quality by emptying into brackish sea water. It is good that you do not lose your temper quickly. But it is very bad of you when you are vindictive, revengeful as you retain it for a long period. Even after some years have passed, you canít forget. The snake represent after biting the grass once, it brings back the cud and minces it again and reduces grass to nothing. Thus due to your slow, steady and solid attack, you do much harm to your opponent. This is too much. You should cultivate forgiving habit. Without any pain and strain you want to do everything easily. At least necessary activity is essential. Heavens will never help you if you do not act. Be active, you will be happy. Also do not be overcautious and exasperatingly deliberate. Do not be fond of easiness and thereby develop laziness. Sloths will smoother many virtues. When you develop such a habit and lead such a life for some years then you will find when necessity for work arises that you are unfit and everything will appear to be difficult. So cultivate industry everything will become easy. So get up early, be active, cultivate to help others. Forget othersí faults and forgive you will be blessed with a pleasant good life.

Astrology is divine Science and tries to indicate future probabilities and thus helps the native for proper

Planning with increased awareness and with preparedness for accepting the GODíS WILL thruí planets.