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DUAL may be likened to the swinging pendulum. Represent the vibratory motion passing from one point to another and back again linking the two extremes of its motion, fluctuating, dual nature. Flexibility/plasticity is the predominant characteristic.

Denote an intellectual, sympathetic, sensitive, subtle, versatile and changeful nature. The native born in this having a majority of the planets in dual signs will often be inconsistent, indecisive, vacillating and restless. Being flexible they never exert their will power sufficiently. Tendency is to drift and dream of the future. Will have no set purpose and they are loaded into action only when the stern whip of necessity is applied. Peaceful and sympathetic in their disposition and cordial and pleasing in their manners. Sometimes suffer injury from others not because they cannot retaliate, but being averse by nature to exertion they do not wish to take up the trouble to fight. Nothing appeals to the man of dual sign permanently. Desires nothing as much as change and roving about, usually in an aimless manner. Born in dual is best fitted to be in the employment of others, than have others in his employment unless born well off, these people seldom make their way in life, always loving leisure and lacking go ahead spirit.

Natives with dual sign are sensitive to and much swayed by the surrounding environment as they lack the stamina to assert themselves.

People are not capable of the slow and sustained work putforth by the fixed class. They get easily discouraged by difficulties and are in tears on the slightest provocation. Being averse to strenuous work they shine according to their ability to think. Therefore prove best when they take up agencies, commission job, in which much of executive skill is not required.

Health affections of the lungs, limbs, breathing apparatus and all kind of nervous disorders. The diseases denoted are often convertible. May be able to overcome them entirely or the diseases will run their course and become chronic depending on the individualís mental temperament.

Dual signs on Kendras when a number of planets are in dual signs; mind is often fickle, fighty, superficial, wavering and versatile. May grasp an idea in a short time and arrive at a decision, but will change his decision quickly. One will be systematic and methodical, but succeeds in life by others aid. Even if one succeeds, he does not gain the required recognition for his merit and labor. Being vacillating, he is liable to miss opportunities that come his way.

SECOND cusp helps one to earn money through name, fame and public recognition Great vitality and dynamism so much so they gain through activity, ambition and adventures. Liability to fluctuating fortune and changes where money is concerned. Speculative enterprise is favored and acquisitiveness is usually well developed.

Jupiter in 11th falling movable (dual ascendant) indicates executive ability and progress, if this happens to be a fixed sign, jealousy and praise among friends is the result. If it is a common sign (Asc.Fixed sign) one has friends who are scientifically inclined or religious minded. Also oneís friends may prove unreliable.

Movable sign on angles (5th & 9th) one will be resourceful and alert. Would grasp an idea very quickly. Being enterprising and active, he will shun no effort in order to succeed. He will succeed in any enterprise, come what may. A brave, bold and indomitable spirit is indicated.

Third cusp Fixed native will have a fixed and rigid attitude. He will be persevering, plodding painstaking proud and authoritative. Dislikes travelling. Any travel is usually forced by circumstances.

It favours Govt. Service and employment in ancient institutions and established business with security of service. Will achieve success through slow, steady and sustained effort.

Grasp opportunities slowly. Being conservative minded, they do not quickly respond to the new environment and care more for permanency and fixity.

Dual sign connected with 2,6,10 one is best fitted to serve others. For instance, one can act as a middleman, agent clerk, and editor speaker


Connected with mental experience and mind. Less vitality if well connected they show cheerful, gentle, amiable, courteous, sympathetic, regained and human nature. Offer good intellect, fertile, imagination idealistic and artistic nature well informed, fertile. Mind is cultured; inquisitive, fond of reasoning, well behaved and level headed. Will not be assertive but tactful. Active circulation gives plumpy body with complexion good. Well informed. They will exert much, get exhausted and due to overwork, suffer nervous troubles. Denotes intellectual pursuits best fitted to be advisers. Scientific pursuits advantageous. Any profession where mind and brain are more exercised than body fits them. Accountants, novelists, lawyers, artists, scientists, poets, reporters, lecturers, inventors. Majority is talented, refined, courteous, idealistic and often inconstant. Artistic and literary minded.

General Predictions:


Tall, upright, straight body, hands will be long. Legs will be thin and the veins will be visible. Complexion moderate. Eyes will be hazel and look quick, sharp and active. Nose will be long.


Lives mostly in the mind. Carefree and joyous and somewhat reluctant. Mind will be positive and strong. Versatile, restless and inclined to have changes often. As Budha involved one will be inclined to be reading, writing and corresponding often. Understand people and adopt themselves readily to circumstances. Offer advice, persuade and argue with others. Can explain merits and demerits of a case but cannot command or manage successfully. Liking to travel frequently. Mainly short journeys by land. Always action with facile mind. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of each case and hence decision will not be taken quickly. Having ability to follow more than one occupation at a time and also to adopt oneself to new surroundings. Should avoid going to extremes. Sometimes impulsively generous at time and also parsimonious with others. Will take-up a job when one is in the middle and left unfinished. Loves diversity like moving from place to place. Refuse to be bound by rules and habits. Pleased only when they act unexpectedly, rather than in accordance with convention. Quick grasp with much retentive power. Always alert for any new idea and fresh interest, cleaver, changeable. Will go deep into all matters as though doing a research. No difficulty in remembering things. Cannot concentrate to any one subject. Have too many irons in the fire. Cannot believe what you have not seen or experienced. Viewpoint will always be reasonable. Can understand others out look and adopt yourself to it. Inclined to indulge in practical with and ask many questions. Academic and teachable nature with a democratic attitude.

No one can do things more easily than you can, only weakness is you are always hasty and anxious to know the results then and there without giving some time for the seed to nurture and to become a plant.

Take rest, take plenty of exercise, breathe plenty of fresh air, ear conservatively and cultivate physical and mental poise.

Health is spoiled due to worry and anxiety. Should not overtax by undertaking a large variety of work. Relax and enjoy plenty of sleep and maintain good health. Normally cold, esonophilia, bronchitis. Defects in shoulders/arms, piles, and affection of bladder and exercretary system.


Family disputes & will not agree with fatherís view. Secret connections in love affairs will bring loss.


Accountants, Clerks, Sales Reps. Editors, correspondence, journalism, P&T or stenographers, PAs secretaries, tutors, translators, embassy. Oratorical power, liking for talk and sense of humor make you a good speaker and ultimately you will be brought to the front of public. Can read the mind of the opposite and know which they like and which they discard. Convincing and pleasing talents.

Loves travel land movement from one place to the other and also a liking for changes. Inclination or pleasure to enjoy the scenarios. Jack of all trades. Always on the look out for new methods of earning. Cleverly you may attend to other work during office hours. Take up regular work late in the evening.


Always busy due to the frequent visits relatives and friends. Delights in entertaining them appear to be a little extravagant yet you will manage your family well. Great liking to decorate your home and keep it in modern style. Cannot keep idle without ever thinking of how to improve your house to give comforts all the members in the family.

Married Life:

Capable of making friendship very quickly. Find fault with opposite persons very quickly. Your defect lies in finding fault with partner. You should give up this then only pleasantness will exist. Your affection is controlled the mind more than by emotions. Look on lover from intellectual angle often calculating. Marriage will be successful and delightful if the partner is equally intelligent. Enjoy life by frequent short trips. Your partner should be clever enough to appreciate your alert and intuitive mind. You require a partner who will always say yes whenever you wish to do something. You have good understanding with partners born in Libra and Aquarius, Aries, Leo.


Fond of children because you are loved by them.


A little above the line. Upper part of the letter will be well-developed lines will sharp and inclined upwards. Writing will be thin and loopeless. Will not underline signature and try to finish letters quickly or if underline you will draw two lines one below other.

Lucky Days:

Wednesday Thursday is lucky. Saturday not good. Sunday offer short journeys, Monday will show increase in income. Friday denote pleasurable pursuits and expenses. Tuesday not good and it is useful to get victory over enemies or for competitions. Lucky colors green, yellow, and avoid blue and red. Lucky Nos. 5, 3, 14, 12, etc.

Points to be kept in mind:

You will prone to speedy and thorough changes in your point of view. You are deplorable lacking in persistence and also in taking a quick decision in any matter. You will consider the pros & cons, merits & demerits for such a long time that you miss the bus. The father of a boy born on 02 suggested his son to select one of the 3 girls whom he had contacted. Before the 02 could take a decision, all the 3 girls got married and when this boy wrote that he would refer to marry one of them, he was surprised to be informed by the other party that sorry, he was too late. You do not have the deliberate determination to do any job and stick to it till it is completed. But none can do things more easily, gracefully & successfully than you. So also none can be a better adviser than you can. When such is the case why should you take undue time to take any decision in your personal matters. The other great defect in you is that when once you have started to do any work, you are very hasty and anxious to know the results then and there. Suppose you have sown some seeds, you will irrigate, nurture and do all that is needed. It is good, but your anxiety or curiosity would be to dig the earth and note then and there, how far it has progressed. As you are intelligent you always find out shortcuts to finish a job. You cannot work in the same way as others do in their routine method. You adopt improved methods to do it quickly. It is, no doubt, advantageous. But you do not take rest; nor you take exercise. Your health fails due to restlessness. So if you develop coherence, steadiness, quick decision and patience to hear others without resenting their suggestions and give up irritability, impatience etc., then you will be the best intellectual to offer advice and to do successfully complete many projects big or small

Astrology is divine Science and tries to indicate future probabilities and thus helps the native for proper

Planning with increased awareness and with preparedness for accepting the GODíS WILL thruí planets.