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Represent movement from one place to another, just river flows smoothly without going back. Show enterprise, enthusiasm, love of ambition, forcefulness, and go-ahead spirit, fame recognition and popularity, and ability to complete plans and execute them in a short time. Always loves change and reform. Represent the busy people, the best businessmen, pioneers. Who rise in life on their own and those who make headway against heavy odds and impediments. Native independent in spirit and self-assertive. Dislike dependence on others and averse to subordination.

Ailments affecting the head, stomach, kidneys and all movable/functional disorders tend to brain fever, headaches, disorders of stomach, kidney trouble, cold, injuries to head and knees. Afflictions from movable sign indicate acute ailments which usually run their course and leave no particular trace.

Majority planets are in movable or when they are in kendras, it shows that one will hold a prominent position be it trade, business, politics or profession. Will exhibit ambition and enterprise to a great degree. Will never feel fully satisfied unless they are at the head of things. Fond of changes in life and will have many changes too.

Sani in 11th signifies fixed sign -delay and hindrance through friends.


Fixed sign bring gain through authoritative influence investments and accumulation of unearned income. No fluctuation denoted, one could expect to have a fixed income.

Dual on third cusp make the mind more receptive, methodical, systematic and easily affected by surroundings.

Dual sign connected with 6,10 one is best fitted to serve others. For instance, one can act as a middleman, agent clerk, and editor speaker.


Fruitful nature and given enough of fertile imagination. Shows less recuperative power. Constitution weak. Disposition is timid, and unwilling to act. Mind is receptive, contemplative sensitive, sentimental, psychic, occult tendencies. Majority planets in watery makes shy, sensitive timid, psychic and often lacks energy. Employment in liquid used water in which chief element, watery sign rising give much less stamina and predispose to digestive, urinary and cataract troubles if afflicted anemic and weak pulsed.




Clumsy body, slender limbs and powerful claws are the peculiarities of the crab. Will have a large upper body. When age advances, you acquire, by over-eating, a prominent abdomen. Face is wide between the ears and the mouth will be large with nice teeth of chalky color. Hair will be brown and the complexion pale. As the limbs are extremely slender when compared to the large upper body, the whole body appears top heavy and one will walk with a rolling gait.


You are remarkable for changeful life. You have many ups and downs. Fertile imagination, delighting in strange scenes and adventures. Can adapt to otherís nature and quickly absorb otherís ideas. You are often emotional and over-sensitive and also sympathetic. Somewhat sentimental and talkative. Due to extreme sensitiveness, you will be a high degree of nervous irritability. Ably move the public to gain some position of honour or wealth. Like moon you are timid on some occasions and very courageous under other circumstances. You are timid to face physical danger, but are brave mental or moral. Your temper is also changeable. Anger comes and goes in quick alternation. Fond of home and family and its comforts. You have tenacious memory especially for family and historic events. Fear of ridicule or criticism makes them discrete, diplomatic and conventional. You appreciate approbation and or easily encouraged by kindness. Ladies born in this are discrete and independent in many things. You are very laborious though some exacting. Anger is short-lived and they hold no spike against anybody. Inherit money property etc, but it comes to them only with great tardiness or inspires various hindrances, impediments, and obstacles. In advanced age their children often the source of protection. Sensitive people and higher vibrations give endowment of claiyvorance and a keen feeling for art. You are psychic and you are sensitive, retiring and unassuming. If you are ignored or overlooked or neglected you become moody and also peevish like the elephant they will never forget. Lucky to have partner like you who will be romantic and imaginative. You recapture the golden movements of the past and keep the partner cheerful and enthusiastic. Being watery sign you will be easily influenced and adjusted to circumstances as water takes shape of the vessel in which it is kept. You are when coerced become very stubborn and determined you will not yield. Wondering and restless life will led by you due to emotions and imaginations, by which you are completely exhausted. You have rarely the necessary showmanship and push to come to the fore. IN love, if you love your affection center they are strong and true. You will never give up unless the partner does something very drastic. You pore out boundless affection. You are famous for your true hospitality. That is why your relatives \friends enjoy real happiness. You tend to miss many an opportunity, being in the habit of pondering over a thing over and over again and put off the requisite action promptly at the proper time. You are ready to move you will find that the chance has slipped away. You will delay buying an umbrella but when you buy the season would have to come an end. You have deep feelings of loyalty and responsibility. You decide upon a plan, you stick to it with dogged determination, success in your efforts is enjoyed ultimately. You are much more interested in getting small sums of money from a variety of sources rather than a big amount from one place. You may conquer the trials in your life, yet you do not forget them easily. You are ever brought to memory. You will appear open and frank at sight but in reality you are not so, as you hide much from others. You are impressionable and magnetic.


You are fragile in youth, once age advances you will pick up health. Chief cause of physical troubles will be only worry. Take care of pulmonary and digestive systems. If you control your mind you can control your body with the help of reasonable diet, proper physical care. Suffer much can but also endure much. Also indicate danger by falls and hurts from animals while traveling or residing in foreign countries. Affection of lungs, stomach nervous debility fear complex hysteria, asthma.

Finance/ Profession:

Careful where money is concerned. Very honest, you cannot tolerate dishonesty with others. Your tastes are but modest and hence you do not defray expenses on extravagant display. Value money for what it is worth and are very prudent. Accumulate wealth by dint of your own hard efforts.


Very much devoted to family. Love your home wherever you live. Home and the garden always keep you engaged. You collect old things and store them in shelves and kitchen. You make constant journeys; you are at home only when you are in the home. Do not mind taking trouble to make your life comfortable. Invite friends and attend them to your fullest satisfaction. You prefer to have your business in your residential quarters or very close to it as you prefer always at home surrounded by children and attended by a pleasing wife.


You are hypersensitive and also unassuming, you have the great desire to acquire friendship but you do not have many long-standing and intimate friends. You become moody and peevish whenever you feel that some friends neglect you or overlook you. You will never forget the good done to them by friends and ever remain grateful to the core. You recollect the old days and ponder over the benefits bestowed by friends.


Life will be monotonous without romance. Will sacrifice your comforts, etc., and be very loyal and affectionate. You cannot impress upon the mind of the partner that you are sincere, honest and very true. Others feel that you are fickleminded and changeable while in fact you are remarkably stubborn and determined. You enjoy your familylife to the full and the home and the family is of great consequence to you. Marriage will offer you an opportunity to have a well-settled life. Male will be mostly affectionate adjusting and accommodative even though at times you may be exacting and fussy. Generally contract marriage with a girl who will pave the way for domestic comfort and further prosperity. You will manage to keep the wife cheerful and buoyant, pleasing her in all ways. Devoted to your wife and occasionally, you will interfere in household routine and thereby spoil youíre good intentions. Your trait is and this requires correction- that you are often dissatisfied and will be indulging in criticism of something or other. Ladies of this rasi are genuine in their love and sincere in their devotion to husband. Occasionally you tend to be moody. You feel satisfied with anything offered by your husband. Prove good mother to your children. You are adaptable and affectionate, dutiful and devoted, patient and pleasing and sincere and sympathetic. You will spare no pains to attend to the needs of your husband and offer him spiritual strength.


Takes effort to give good education to your children and you are excellent parent in the matter of providing all facilities and comforts to your children. You will go to the limit of sacrificing even your own needs, if necessary, to avoid denial of your childrenís desires. You are never disheartened by the large size of your family. Your children also remain grateful, obedient, and dutiful and faithfully, you have great energy, courage and independence. You are very frank, you standup for your rights and never submit to imposition. You are full of worries brooding over things that may happen, but you will never flinch in the hour of danger. You will perform deeds to heroism with a disregard of self which may amount to foolhardiness. Your mind will be cool, calm, collected and sharp.

Lucky Days etc.,

Handwriting is variable formation of letters will be in different ways and shapes. Letters become large as they go on writing. You are in a good mood draw wavy lines beneath your signature. Tuesday for success. Friday give pleasure and profit. Wednesday is good for journey, investment and expenses. Thursday good for contacting and arranging overdrafts. Join a college for higher education. To go overseas to contact foreigners. Thursday will prove auspicious. Avoid Saturday gives as disharmony, differences of opinion, depression dispute, delay and denial will be the result. Monday will give changeable temperament and success in efforts. Sunday is pleasant to have the company close relatives and also to gain money.

COLORS: white cream red, and yellow lucky. Blue and green -avoid.

LUCKY NOS: 2,7 &9 fotunate, 1, 3, 4 & 6 are good, 5 &8 to be avoided.

LUCKY GEMS: Diamond, pearls, ruby, yellow sapphire. Avoid blue/ emerald.

Points to be kept in mind:

You have the tendency to imagine slights, think over and over again about others failure in showing courtesy or respect to you. So you have your feelings and get hurt easily. Ignore failures on others part. As you ponder over again and again before making any attempt you miss many an opportunity like the Gemini occupants. Before you decide which state lottery ticket you can buy, that would have already been drawn. If you will think and think and at last decide to buy a raincoat and the day you buy, the season will end. Hence the delay has not served you any purpose; within yourself you will feel that your delayed action ended in a waste. You are completely ruled by emotions and imagination. So it leads to a wandering and restless life. Rolling stone never gathers mass. (A stenographer applied for a post to prove his experience he had enclosed certificates received from the departments where he had served previously. The number of the companies he has served was much more than the number of years of his service, on the whole. ) You may be moody so you waste your time, energy and talent. You always think of the future & worry about money matters. You become old prematurely because of such anxiety from youth. Take insurance policy and open recurring deposit account in a bank. Avoid anxiety. It is a pity that you are a constant prey to sentimentalism, sensationalism and exaggerated emotion. So for days, you shun your friends and relatives and again emerge out as usual. You have good memory. You never forget the past. You can tell how you lived in a very poverty stricken condition in youth and how you built up by steady savings etc., Again you will never forget any harm done to you by anybody, nor you have the mind to forgive. In the case of Scorpio occupants they then and there retort and forget. But, Oh God, you will be going on pinching like a wicked mother-in-law. Hence read this and improve yourself. God will grant you FORTUNE.

Astrology is divine Science and tries to indicate future probabilities and thus helps the native for proper

Planning with increased awareness and with preparedness for accepting the GODíS WILL thruí planets.