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Rouses the desire nature, giving stamina and persistence in action. Very strong and determined will. They are pre-eminently thorough. Make up their mind to do anything, they will keep on working with remarkable patience and persistence until success comes to them. Very practical in their approach. They will not mind doing anything for one whom has won their affection. They are very firm in their mental attitude and once an opinion has been formed they cling to it with tenacity. Very difficult people to convince but, when once won over to a cause they will defend in to the last.

Will be outspoken, self-reliant and reliable and remarkably patient. On the other side are obstinate, rigid, dogmatic, unrelenting and unbending. They persist in a given direction and neither reason nor argument will turn them. Their tendency is to seek solitude and become self-absorbed. These people are endowed with good executive ability. Very fond of comfort, luxury and other refining influences of life.

Health: Ailments affecting heart and generative system. Chronic/organic troubles are threatened may suffer from disease like diphtheria, bronchitis, asthma, and heart troubles of defective circulation and spinal complaints. Affliction denotes one may inherit hereditary diseases, which usually become chronic.

Third cusp movable, signifies that the mind is often aspiring, active ambitious, enterprising but changeable. Love changes and like travels. Will do a lot of travelling about close ties with cousins, neighborís etc. And with relatives in general are developed.

Dynamic energy, one will be able to take up pioneer work. Natives ardent in whatever they undertake and they once espouse a cause social, political, religious or educational or any other they will work for that cause with all the vim and vigor of their energetic nature. They succeed through sheer audacity.

Persons influenced by these signs are best fitted in positions that require speed and swiftness, wit and ingenuity and tact and diplomacy. Never rest contents until they are in the lead of whatever pursuit they follow. They scorn subordination. Natives are ideally suited to occupy responsible and authoritative positions.

Movable sign on angles (9th) one will be resourceful and alert. Would grasp an idea very quickly. Being enterprising and active, he will shun no effort in order to succeed. He will succeed in any enterprise, come what may. A brave, bold and indomitable spirit is indicated.

When fixed sign are on Kendras - One will be firm, determined dignified and self-reliant. He will be slow and plodding but will succeed eventually. Requires time to come to a decision. Patient persistence in every doing. He is sure to rise in life through fixity of purpose and persistent effort. He will put his talent to the best use. Set back does not daunt him. He will adhere to a method only after being satisfied that it will meet his requirements. It is next to impossible to change him but when veered round to cause, he will prove to be its most ardent and reliable advocate.

Bring income to one through service and ordinary means. Finance is prone to fluctuation. The man of dual sign being lazy and indifferent, will be indifferent even in regard to accumulation of wealth.

Dual sign connected with 2,6,10 one is best fitted to serve others. For instance, one can act as a middleman, agent clerk, editor speaker.

If 1 & 7 lords are in harmonious aspect or parivartana partnership is advisable; a good mutual working arrangement is indicated. If the cusp of the 11th and 11th lord is in common sign one will acquire doubtful friendships (Asc.Fixed)


Represent the vital spirit including activity. Tend to an assertive, independent, courageous & enthusiastic nature. They signify activity and ambition, vigor and vitality, energy & push. When fiery on the cusp of Ascendant the disposition is said to be proud , enterprising & commanding with more desire to lead others than serve them. Native may be argumentative & self-confident. Mind is aspiring, acute & penetrating. Native will not relish to suggestion offered by others and will act on his own impulses. A spiritual bent of mind is also denoted. Causes inflammatory disorders, fevers, sudden illness usually acute but lasting only for a short duration. Planets in fiery more active dangerous vocation.

General Predictions:


Will have a well developed bones and broad shoulders and forehead. Tall, well built and muscular. Never will be plumpy or ugly. Stature will be full and appearance will be majestic, imposing commanding and dignified.


Noble, large hearted, magnanimous and generous. Helpful to mankind and other creations of God. Great faith in all friends and relatives and confide everything with them. Capable of inspiring affection and admiration and have the purpose served by the willing operation of your colleagues, and subordinates. Donít talk much maintain habit of silence. Leaves all the talking to others. Will hear very patiently all the complaints even from the menials. Judgment will be wise, large-minded, tolerance. Endlessly energetic in serving people. Will always forgive and forget the mistakes, sins, errors and deficiencies of others. Desire to be honoured. No false prestige in them. Mingle with high and also menials. Trusts everybody. This sign offers, authority, ambition, brilliance, boasting, clever commanding, dignity and domineering, energy, enthusiasm, faith and fame, glory, honour, intellect and inspiration, joy and jubilation, kindness and kindliness. Loyalty and leadership, magnanimity and majesty, pomp and pride. Respect and royalty. Interested in pleasurable pursuits. Higher emotions are the main center of activity. May take interest in music, games, etc. Best only when there are handicaps and obstacles. Considerably will power to win the way to entire satisfaction. Frank, open and just. Do not hesitate to serve those whom you love even if you forego your comforts and everything for your loyal and be leader. Help every body voluntarily. Will also donate do charity wherever it appeals to them.


Splendid constitution. If fall ill, tend to recover rapidly from any illness. Easily alarmed, whenever sickness overtakes. Normal parts that are to be protected, heart spinal column, dorsal vertebrae, interspinal muscles, anterior/posterior coronary aorta, vein cave. Normally inflammation, palpitations, spinal problems are some of its kind


Will try to deal with large issues. Leave routine works to others. Nature spendthrift even when poverty may threaten. Will be able to face any hard times. Will feel proud when that others borrow from the native and approaches for a favour.

Domestic environment:

Peace, harmony and happiness will keep cheerful. Expect always others would be submissive. Try to be cooperative, grateful and obedient, wants the members of the family to a have a broad outlook and to be magnanimous and noble. Never hesitate to spend money to maintain prestige and honour. Will never think of economically. Lead aristocratic life. Spend much on dress, furniture, curtains, clothes, etc. Will keep home tidy with all the attractive decoration, etc.

Romance & Marriage

Very romantic. Loves deeply and will be carried away by love. Cheers up the partner most skillfully like an actor in a comedy scene. Never like any demonstration of love in public and considers it below dignity. Will have abundant charm and be attractive to the opposite sex. It is but natural that the partner is jealous the native will be always in the midst of a crowd of opposite sex. Will never allow anybody to disrespect the natives spouse or any member of his family. Very proud of his family. The people born in Mesha Dhanurr and Mithuna Thula and Khumbha will suit well for marriage. Mesha Dhanurr born will contribute for his harmony. Khumbha will be devoted, thula will every try for company and avoid trouble and purchase peace at any price, Mithuna will be an inseparable partner will be sincere and affectionate. The native will manage her home admirably. Successful social worker. Devotion to home and general public. Everlasting love and self-sacrificing. A bride born under this combination marrying a Mesha husband is lucky.

Loves children most. Very proud of them.

Handwriting : Full curves and regular circle marks the handwriting. Will consume much space and also give some flourishes to the words. Will write in straight and regular lines. Letters will be upright and verticle.

Points to be kept in mind:

Your thirst for personal glory is unquenchable. Even though you are absolutely unfit to hold a very high responsible position with authority, you are over ambitious and it is ridiculous. Can everybody expect to marry a princess? You will attack your enemies when unguarded and that too from behind. Even though such a tactics is god for a Military Officer, it is not good in civil life, You should not pose yourself like a lion and attack others. Cultivate to be modest and polite. Some authors view that lion is not a warrior but a fraud. You will show favoritism to some. It means you deny the legitimate claim to the other. It is never honourable nor agreeable. You do not consider both sides of question. You do, as you decide to do. Whenever you are crossed you become controvert. Just like sun is always in direct motion and never retrograde, so also you always go, on and on, and never look back. You wrongly feel that those whom you had helped remain ungrateful before they could show their gratitude. You are generally over liberal. So you will be ever in want. Cultivate to cut the coat according to the cloth. You hate mean petty actions and you expect others also to follow your footsteps. Your type is ever in the minority in this world just like the lions among all animals. You become bitter, suspicious and over critical as you finds that you had been deceived. Otherwise you are proud; you presume much of self-importance gradually become arrogant. Hence other reasonable people view this with contempt. You are over-ambitious; you have your own fears whether you would be over looked so the mind to love one and all, universally and judge things impartially. Avoid forcing conclusions at your own risk. Do not spend away all that you have and all that you get. Manage to maintain a comfortable sized bank position. Try to have an attractive home. Then you are the uncrowned king.

Astrology is divine Science and tries to indicate future probabilities and thus helps the native for proper

planning with increased awareness and with preparedness for accepting the GODíS WILL thruí planets.