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DUAL may be likened to the swinging pendulum. Represent the vibrator motion passing from one point to another and back again linking the two extremes of its motion, fluctuating, dual nature. Flexibility/plasticity is the predominant characteristic.

Denote an intellectual, sympathetic, sensitive, subtle, versatile and changeful nature. The native born in this having a majority of the planets in dual signs will often be inconsistent, indecisive, vacillating and restless. Being flexible they never exert their will power sufficiently. Tendency is to drift and dream of the future. Will have no set purpose and they are loaded into action only when the stern whip of necessity is applied. Peaceful and sympathetic in their disposition and cordial and pleasing in their manners. Sometimes suffer injury from others not because they cannot retaliate, but being averse by nature to exertion they do not wish to take up the trouble to fight. Nothing appeals to the man of dual sign permanently. Desires nothing as much as change and roving about, usually in an aimless manner. Born in dual is best fitted to be in the employment of others, than have others in his employment unless born well off, these people seldom make their way in life, always loving leisure and lacking go ahead spirit.

Natives with dual sign are sensitive to and much swayed by the surrounding environment as they lack the stamina to assert themselves.

People are not capable of the slow and sustained work putforth by the fixed class. They get easily discouraged by difficulties and are in tears on the slightest provocation. Being averse to strenuous work they shine according to their ability to think. Therefore prove best when they take up agencies, commission job, in which much of executive skill is not required.

Health affections of the lungs, limbs, breathing apparatus and all kind of nervous disorders. The diseases denoted are often convertible. May be able to overcome them entirely or the diseases will run their course and become chronic depending on the individual’s mental temperament.

Dual signs on Kendras when a number of planets are in dual signs; mind is often fickle, fighty, superficial, wavering and versatile. May grasp an idea in a shorttime and arrive at a decision, but will change his decision quickly. One will be systematic and methodical, but succeeds in life by others aid. Even if one succeeds, he does not gain the required recognition for his merit and labour. Being vacillating, he is liable to miss opportunities that come his way.

SECOND cusp helps one to earn money through name, fame and public recognition Great vitality and dynamism so much so they gain through activity, ambition and adventures. Liability to fluctuating fortune and changes where money is concerned. Speculative enterprise is favoured and acquisitiveness is usually well developed.

Jupiter in 11th falling movable (dual ascendant) indicates executive ability and progress, if this happens to be a fixed sign, jealousy and praise among friends is the result. If it is a common sign (Asc.Fixed sign) one has friends who are scientifically inclined or religious minded. Also one’s friends may prove unreliable.

Movable sign on angles (5th & 9th) one will be resourceful and alert. Would grasp an idea very quickly. Being enterprising and active, he will shun no effort in order to succeed. He will succeed in any enterprise, come what may. A brave, bold and indomitable spirit is indicated.

Third cusp Fixed native will have a fixed and rigid attitude. He will be persevering, plodding painstaking proud and authoritative. Dislikes travelling. Any travel is usually forced by circumstances.

It favours Govt. Service and employment in ancient institutions and established business with security of service. Will achieve success through slow, steady and sustained effort.

Grasp opportunities slowly. Being conservative minded, they do not quickly respond to the new environment and care more for permanency and fixity.

Dual sign connected with 2,6,10 one is best fitted to serve others. For instance, one can act as a middleman, agent clerk, and editor speaker.


Show solidity & stability. Indicate material welfare and the native will be sent on making wealth & seeking power and position. This ascendant gives good health. One will be careful & cautious premeditative, prudent & practical, secretive & suspicious, stubborn & self protective, slow & steady, reserved and retrained, methodical and economical, plodding and preserving. Mind is practical objective, scientific, methodical and materialistic. When a majority of planets occupy earthy, business would be the best.

General Predictions:


The native will be with a slender body. You will have dark hair and eyes. The eyebrows will be curved with much of hair growth. The Voice will be thin and even shrill. Even you will walk quickly and never you have potbelly. Owing to your activity, you often appear younger than your actual age. The nose will be straight indicating that you are very clever. Forehead near the eyebrows will be pronounced. The expression of your eyes will be honest and frank. (e.g. ANR)


Inconsistent Budha rules Virgo, so change is always desired. Most of you, are in favour of changing your residence or your job etc., out of all the 12 Rasis, Virgin are very conscientious and very capable of handling even unfavourable conditions. You will mark time and get prepared to handle it wisely. You have the commercial instinct . You will be very brisk and very quick in your work just like the fast moving planet Budha. You will be expecting others to be brief in their statements and representations. You will expect others to be businesslike. But when once you begin to talk or explain, you pay your attention upon the details of things. You add such wealth of detail, which will make others feel boring and vexed. You will rarely come to the point quickly. You are thorough and methodical. Your first thought and action will be most sensible and rational. You are severely critical. Self-pity is one of your vices. You will be at your best if you are an Inspector or Auditor or Income Tax Officer or Examiner as you are very good and quick at finding faults with others. You are having strong Mercury you will go ahead and try to do perfectly whatever you undertake. You will be a genius, you will analyse, dissect and go deep into the matter.


Being an earthy sign you will have the desire to save money. You will be prudent and always will keep in small sum of money that none is aware of. If you are in travel, you will keep a part of your cash in one pocket, something in the other and safely some more amount, with the idea of not spending it in your suitcase.

You will be so over-careful that you will not mind to reopen the cover written by you, just before posting it. You will verify once twice and thrice before you finish a work. Thus, you will avoid mistakes.

If you have to consult a doctor, you will sit down for hours, write a big history sheet about your constitution to the last detail try to recollect your old complaints, and present a big file to the doctor, Eventhough actually your complaint is very simple.

You are remarkable for keeping everything in its place properly and orderly. You will

maintain accounts and the daybook with all details. You will keep personal files and all documents in perfect condition. Unfortunately your subordinates/servants at home will not be born in Virgo and will not be equally brisk and brilliant. So to the extent to which you expect them they can never keep up and satisfy you. This is a feminine and earthy sign. You will take delight in horticulture, agriculture, gardening etc.,. It is said that Virgo is the goddess of agriculture and of legislation and social order. You are governed much by intellect as Budha gets exalted here. You will not be sympathetic, as Sukra gets neecha in this sign.

Being a dual sign there will be changes in your environments, and you will form associations and friendship.

Fond of studying science and particularly about medicine, food, diet , hygiene etc., being the sixth sign of Zodiac, if ever you fall ill you lack the will power and will often brood over the disease, imagine too much, never cheer yourself up, to get you out of the clutches of your illness. Thus, you will be ruining your health. Further, you will always look for sympathy, but at the time when you are healthy if anybody falls ill, you will prove to be a very good nurse.


You are normally a temperate person, you live sensibly. So you enjoy robust health with long life and healthy old age. When you are young, you will be very active, and will appear always much younger due to your activity. Also you are always very particular about your diet. Hence you do not fall ill often. There may be digestive and intestinal troubles. Generally suffer from dysentery, typhoid. You need plenty of rest and surroundings. You have lot of exercise, your weak point is are your nervous system and your stomach. Both are sensitive. Hence you require Vitamin B in your diet, you can avoid these troubles, have regular meals. Also try to have balance diet. Illness may be very minor. But by your imagination, you exaggerate it and make yourself unhappy. It is observed that this rasi people will have minor injuries very often. Hence do not be rash.

Disorders of the bowels react on the mental condition. Avoid worries, discontentment, irritability and short temper. Vegetarian diet well proportioned is preferred. Normally you will have few temptations for excess. High living and deep drinking are also to be avoided. Be on guard against gallstones. Avoid alcohol. You always remember "An apple a day" keeps the doctor away.


As you possess a sound commercial instinct, you are normally careful about your money. You have the great desire to become rich and hence you are very conscious about the value of money. You do not usually come by fortune add much of wealth. You will work hard, and the remuneration will not be satisfactory. As lord of 6 is Sani, investments also will not improve to be good, as the returns will be poor. You may have many ups and downs. It is only though your own talent and hard work that you will be able to come to the top.

Domestic Environments

Wanderlust is your nature. Change of your residence, more to have a change in the scenery and in the neighbourhood. Will be more frequent just like the Kataka people. You want to keep everything in your home in order. You expect your people to work methodically, and put up a lot of show when guests are invited. You will insist on your people to keep everything need saying. A place for everything and everything is its place you prefer to entertain others in your home. But you do not re-visit. Even when you invest on buildings, you will be able to purchase them in a good locality. The value of the property will shoot up during the period of Jupiter. Your partner in life will be God fearing, religious law abiding and true. Therefore you will have a peaceful and pleasant domestic life.

Friends and Benefactors

You have your own peculiarities, you prefer only intelligent people who have a good future. You will have a great mind to offer your assistance only to them. The defect in you is that you expect them to say ‘Thanks’ before you actually render your help, and also gain a ‘Thanks’ after you have done it. You expect them to mention in many words that they want and appreciate your friendship. Normally you do not mix with all people. You make your choice. You feel delicate to approach strangers to any help you need. You want friends and you can not do anything for them with pleasure, unless they recognise, approve and appreciate. You need friends more for this purpose. Just as you have the desire to change residence etc., so also you will formal friendship with new persons. People born on Monday Rohini Hastham and Sravana star days or in Kataka Rasi will be good friends indeed.

Romance and Marriage

You have your own ideals, to find one suiting to your taste is difficult. Therefore, there will be long delay in choosing to measure up to your ideals. It is likely that, in the first few case, you will disappointed. Whenever you desire to make a selection, you attach more value to intelligence than to the pleasure in romance. Further, you are often shy, and do not demonstrate your affection. You should not be so treachy. For happy life with wife to some extent you should give expression to standing, and it cannot stand any criticism. Your temperament is to find fault with others. That you must give up. Just as your expect others to appreciate your assistance or intelligent so also, whatever the person whom you love is equally intelligent or not you have to simply admire here beauty (even though she is not very fair) and her company and give expression to your affection. You should remember that love demands good under standby and it cannot stand any criticism. By conversation, atleast they should keep the partner cheerful, and also get such books for her to read. Will lead the married life, more on partnership basis, as though it is business or as a part of the social scheme. That is why many people postpone their time of marriage, and prefer to be a bachelor for a long time. Your desire is more to be studious and to be doing research work in a peaceful atmosphere. But when once you get married, you make all provision for your wife, and the other members of your family. It is likely that you may be often complaining about your health, which you should avoid. As Budha rules this sign, you have a nervous active manner. You will consider the nervous tensions as actual symptoms of some illness, and you not only worry within yourself, but cause more worry to your partner and others. Luckily, the partner’s ruling planet will be Venus lord of 2 or Jupiter lord of 7th house on Moon lord of 11th house. As all the three are benefits by nature, and give fertile imagination to the partner, she will be able to understand you properly and conduct herself wisely, giving always encouragement to you, whenever you need it. It is the good nature of your wife i.e. adjustability, accommodation and good understanding that will be responsible for your happy life with such a dutiful wife.


Have a limited number of children. Have to spend much upon them for their duties etc., necessitating them to borrow. It is also indicated that the Kanya people may borrow, and invest on landed properties, which will be later enjoyed by their children. Eventhough you may not show your affection to them yet you will never fail in your duty to train them, given proper education, and make them fit enough to hold any post admirable in their official carrier. Among your children, the eldest will be plodding, persevering, patiently working and prospering, whereas the second and third children will be maintaining good health and enjoying fortune, with less of efforts.


You may write in between two line, above the line. You will develop the upper part of the letters. The lines written by you will be short, sharp, and also including upwards. You always use sharp pointed nibs, and hence your writing will be thin. You do not waste ink by putting loops, etc., you avoid underlining your signature, more to save time, it at all your underline, you will do it twice.

Lucky Day

Your ruling planet is Budha, Wednesday is lucky day for you. Fridays will bring fortune. Tuesdays are inauspicious especially for speculation, betting, short travels, or correspondence and for signing any important document. Saturdays are not beneficial as it threatens with delay, denial and disappointment. Sundays will end in a loss. Mondays are good to meet friends, make new friendship, but speculate and ever gain. Thursdays are favourable to invest, to buy cars etc., also to commence romance or start family and life with wife in new quarters. It is also very good to form partnership in business and expand your enterprise.

Lucky Colour

Green and Yellow.

Avoid red and blue colours. You will find that when you put on red and blue only, your health fails, and that you meet with minor injuries and face difficulties, the moment you remove them, there will be no more evil. Putting on white ones, shows fortunes, green ones and emerald, promotion in official life and also prosperity in business. Yellow ones are good for happy domestic environments.

Lucky Numbers

5, 2, 7, 6 and 3

Lucky Stones

Emerald Pearl, Diamond and Yellow Sapphire.

Points to be kept in mind:

Your nature is to be chatty, you will be analytical and during conversation, you generally give disgustingly lengthy description, including all meticulous detail which will be boring to others. You keenly observe other’s faults and idiosyncrasies and you find pleasure in passing your remarks. You cannot be at rest till such time the criticism is passed by you. Members of your family will never relish. You should not have nervousness and self-doubt. You are intelligent,. You quickly perceive. Yet you need steadiness in going after what you want. Remember, you can achieve your goal only when you avoid change of tactics, now and then whenever needed. Try to complete one work and then take up the other. Your bad habit of consulting everybody and confusing yourself should be given up. Therefore, you should consult only one doctor, and so on. Otherwise you will be confused. Develop true consistency of purpose. Forget and forgive others faults. In married life, unless great care is taken to avoid the failings of your type, there is always the danger of matrimonial shipwreck. You care more for money and hence you will be absorbed in your business. You always think of it, work very hard and return home very late and go next morning very early which creates an impression in your wife’s mind that you are indifferent to her hence your partner looks outside for sympathy. So if you continue to live a strongly personal life, it will lead to selfishness and at the same time another walk of life will get shattered. You care more for smaller details, much relaxation. Prefer walking or swimming. If not keep the company of books which you may relish. Don’t waste your energy. Try to encash the same. No man in this world is perfect. So you congratulate yourself for your good qualities and note down your weakness. Correct yourself by avoiding the undesirable qualities and your lot will definitely improve.

Astrology is divine Science and tries to indicate future probabilities and thus helps the native for proper

planning with increased awareness and with preparedness for accepting the GOD’S WILL thru’ planets.