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Represent movement from one place to another, just river flows smoothly without going back. Show enterprise, enthusiasm, love of ambition, forcefulness, and go-ahead spirit, fame recognition and popularity, and ability to complete plans and execute them in a short time. Always loves change and reform. Represent the busy people, the best businessmen, pioneers. Who rise in life on their own and those who make headway against heavy odds and impediments? Native independent in spirit and self-assertive. Dislike dependence on others and averse to subordination.

Ailments affecting the head, stomach, kidneys and all movable/functional disorders tend to brain fever, headaches, disorders of stomach, kidney trouble, cold, injuries to head and knees. Afflictions from movable sign indicate acute ailments, which usually run their course and leave no particular trace.

Majority planets are in movable or when they are in kendras, it shows that one will hold a prominent position be it trade, business, politics or profession. Will exhibit ambition and enterprise to a great degree. Will never feel fully satisfied unless they are at the head of things. Fond of changes in life and will have many changes too.

Sani in 11th signifies fixed sign -delay and hindrance through friends.


Fixed sign bring gain through authoritative influence investments and accumulation of unearned income. No fluctuation denoted, one can expect to have a fixed income.

Dual on third cusp make the mind more receptive, methodical, systematic and easily affected by surroundings.

Dual sign connected with 6,10 one is best fitted to serve others. For instance, one can act as a middleman, agent clerk, and editor speaker.


Connected with mental experience and mind. Less vitality, if well connected they show cheerful, gentle, amiable, courteous, sympathetic, regained and human nature. Offer good intellect, fertile, imagination idealistic and artistic nature, well informed, fertile. Mind is cultured, inquisitive, fond of reasoning, well behaved and level headed. Will not be assertive but tactful. Active circulation gives plumpy body with complexion good. Well informed. They will exert much, get exhausted and due to overwork, suffer nervous troubles. Denotes intellectual pursuits best fitted to be advisers. Scientific pursuits advantageous. Any profession where mind and brain are more exercised than body fits them. Accountants, novelists, lawyers, artists, scientists, poets, reporters, lecturers, inventors. Majority is talented, refined, courteous, idealistic and often inconstant. Artistic and literary minded.



Native grows tall with well-proportioned body, limbs will be slender but strong. Appearance will be graceful with a sweet smile and attractive countenance, eyebrows add to his beauty. Nose will be attractive like artists. (Pundit Ravi SHANKER Mr Pran)


Weighs merits and demerits and pass a dispassionate opinion, modest, courteous and gentle. Will not rub on the wrong side. Purchase peace at any cost. You try to lead a pleasant life enjoying all the fruits of life. Fond of dresses, perfumeries, music and arts. Hobbies, gardening, painting, photography, drawing etc., you will forego your personal comforts but work hard for the benefit of others. Fertile imagination, correct intuition, brilliant intellect, supreme indemnity. Do not believe in hot discussions but you will try to bring about compromise. Popular and prosperous. Humanitarian instincts. Have the capacity to handle any situation tactful. Take interest in dress, furniture, conveys once and comforts., leads romantic life.


With regard to stomach and appendix, spine case should be taken.


Best suited for business with partner. Spends on luxuries, likes everybody you very much during your childhood. You would not allow outsiders to be interviewed at home.


Without friends you can not pass on your time, lead mostly a public life with social and financial success. You do not hurt others. You will waste money on those born in Punurvasu, Visaka, Poorvabhadra and Aslesha, JYESTHA and Revathi stars.

Marry early and preserve the tradition. Will have a short tempered and rash partner. Tactfulness is needed to maintain peace. Gemini/Aquarius brides will match. Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer will not agree with them.

Children limited only and are helpful in old age.

Lucky Days

Sunday , Monday and Tuesdays are good for competition. Wednesday show long journeys. Thursdays are evil. Saturday expenses.

Lucky Colour

Orange, white, red, green and yellow should be avoided. Do not use blue, which will assist the opposite person.

Points to be kept in mind:

You have to keep your emotions in check. You should not allow things to get out of your hands. You should not appoint persons of opposite sex as your pvt. secretaries. You will be wasting much of your time. You generally mix business and your pleasure. This will prove to be harmful in the long run. You have a fertile brain; many ideas will flash in your mind and they spring up one after another quickly. Therefore, you should try to take quick decision then and there and act. It is your habit to observe how you try to copy them and waste a lot; it is advisable to know your ability and so to have a limit. You are generally unassuming and simple. Therefore, clever people will take advantage of your innocence and try to fool you. So you have to consider carefully and make the best choices of the associates. You should deal with them carefully because you have broad outlook and even when you find them to be wrong, you forgive and forget the faults of such people. They may act against your interest; you can come to know of it and forgive them; but donít forget their action. You should know what harm is done by a person and how he had misbehaved, understand that individual cannot be relied upon. You also believe that very new occasion demand a new dress and therefore, you will spend much more than what you can afford on cosmetics and perfumes. You should know that God has given you enough charm. A little of the makeup may do, but you do not require so much as you use. You waste money on that score. You have to be very careful with the other sex as you are gentle, soft and weak with the opposite sex; if you remain for a long period unmarried and if you live in a hostel away from your home for some length of time, then you will be tamed by an unscrupulous person of opposite sex who has the desire to dominate and possess you. In case of a woman the peril is graver. Therefore, try to avoid the company of the other sex. You may have appendicitis or uterus trouble, kidney may be affected. To maintain good health it is necessary for you to take rest and retire whenever you feel like that; have balanced diet; keep yourself cheerful, be happy, enjoy life by listening to light music.

Astrology is divine Science and tries to indicate future probabilities and thus helps the native for proper

planning with increased awareness and with preparedness for accepting the GODíS WILL thruí planets.