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Represent movement from one place to another, just river flows smoothly without going back. Shows enterprise, enthusiasm, love of ambition, forcefulness, and go-ahead spirit, fame recognition and popularity, and ability to complete plans and execute them in a short time. Always loves change and reform. Represent the busy people, the best businessmen, pioneers. Who rise in life on their own and those who make headway against heavy odds and impediments. Native independent in spirit and self-assertive. Dislike dependence on others and averse to subordination.

Ailments affecting the head, stomach, kidneys and all movable/functional disorders, tend to brain fever, headaches, disorders of stomach, kidney trouble, cold, injuries to head and knees. Afflictions from movable sign indicate acute ailments, which usually run their course and leave no particular trace.

Majority planets are in movable or when they are in kendras, it shows that one will hold a prominent position be it trade, business, politics or profession. Will exhibit ambition and enterprise to a great degree. Will never feel fully satisfied unless they are at the head of things. Fond of changes in life and will have many changes too.

Sani in 11th signifies fixed sign -delay and hindrance through friends..


Fixed sign bring gain through authoritative influence investments and accumulation of unearned income. No fluctuation denoted, one could expect to have a fixed income.

Dual on THIRD CUSP (asc.movable) make the mind more receptive, methodical, systematic and easily affected by surroundings.

Dual sign connected with 6,10 one is best fitted to serve others. For instance, one can act as a middleman, agent clerk, and editor speaker.


Show solidity & stability. Indicate material welfare and the native will be sent on making wealth & seeking power and position. This ascendant gives good health. One will be careful & cautious premeditative, prudent & practical, secretive & suspicious, stubborn & self protective, slow & steady, reserved and retrained, methodical and economical, plodding and preserving. Mind is practical objective, scientific, methodical and materialistic. When a majority of planets occupy earthy, business would be the best.

General Predictions:


Body will not be muscular/plumpy , but slender. Grows tall suddenly after 16 years of age. As age advances constitution also improves. Face will be thin and oval. Nose will be long. Eyes deep set. Hair will be coarse. Scar in this kneecap or at least a mole.


Economical, prudent, reasonable, thoughtful and practical oriented. Confers methodicity and plodding. Persevering and patiently working temperament. Calculative and business-like. Quickly execute any work after taking carefully a decision. Will have push and confidence. Will not hesitate to have a thought change in oneís own career. It is found to be advantageous. Will have a special organising capacity and with enormous tolerance, patience and steady nature. Will be at the head of certain projects. Reserved nature and fear of ridicule. Will not entertain any do not hope on othersí promises nor will he be optimistic till comes out successful or realises ambition. It is not easy to cheat you. You appear to be modest and polite. You will not make friendship with anybody quickly. Will take a long time to test the individual and finally make a permanent tie of friendship. Never spend your time in idle talk. Will not take decision then and there but postpone it to the last moment. At the instance of other you will start doing job when once you take up you will be at it. Obstacles and hindrance may depress you for some time but you will not leave it. You utilise everything to a material purpose. Will try to have pleasurable pursuits, will be fond of music etc., and will speculate. You will be always having a company otherwise you will be subject to depression. Whenever you work, study or travel you will have the company of a friend to keep you cheerful. Political greatman are from this sign only. You should not overwork and exert too much yourself.


Near the kneecap, skin problem, dislocation, bruises are common. . Vitamin B deficiency, gas trouble indicated.


Desire to gain name, fame reputation and money. Avail of all the opportunities arising. Will consolidate all your affairs and resources. Invest on permanent possession after carefully scrutinising the documents and having obtained enough security. Industrious do not take chances of risks. Do not waste money. Trustworthy, well-informed and best-fitted to serve in finance matters. Will always think of the future and save satisfactorily.


Not anxious to get married early. But you marry because you have to marry and is destined to marry. Do not want many children. Yet becomes parents of a large family do love your partner/children but do not display your love. Your children may mistake you because you treat them coldly. Collect things, which are beautiful and will try to have a library of your own. Hate noise but want a quiet atmosphere and privacy. Prefer conclusion and peace. Because of these reasons your family members mistakes you. Though your partner is argumentative / quarrelsome you will mostly obtain from such scene.

Normally you do not take anybody into your confidence. Will be known to many. Will have a large number of acquaintances. Good friends will be a few only. You will be true to your friend and respect them through out life. You find that those who are born on Tuesday on in the sign of Scorpio or in the star of Mrigasira, Chitra, Dhanista are your benefactors. Will never hesitate to lend him assistance; you will realise that they help you even without your asking for it. You will also find that people born in Bharani, Poorvapalguni and Poorvashada stars are very helpful to you. You receive benefits though mother. Covenants will cooperate. You can take building on a rental basis and sub let a portion of it for the total rental value and thus you can live in the same premises, without paying any rent. This luck is only available only to the persons who are born in this sign.


You never give expression to your love and affection

You are emotional. Very slow and cautious when you approach the other sex. You are not bold or rash, never will you take the lead. You will ask the other very tactfully, obtain partnerís consent once, twice and even thrice and even than you will be afraid to proceed further. The other sex will be worried about your hesitance. Any how you take long time to choose your partner.


Though you may have many children, you never fondle with them. You will do your duty. Will not mix with them or join in their play or allow them to make noise. You will want them to be quiet and attend to their work. Will not allow your children to go beyond a limit. Will keep under control. However, this does not hinder in any way the affection between them parent and children.

Lucky Day

Friday, Tuesday and Saturday are the best. Wednesday are successful. Thursday and Sunday show expenses. Monday and in enmity or litigation. Speculate on Tuesday/Friday. Invest on Saturday. Signing on Tuesdays. Compete on Wednesdays. Go a long journey on Wednesday. Avoid Monday and Sunday. Pray God on Friday/ Tuesday.

Lucky Colour

White, red, blue are lucky. Avoid Yellow/Cream.

Blue is auspicious for health, financial success and happy family life. Red gives the native property, vehicle, and good friends.

Lucky numbers

6, 9 and 8 avoid 3

Points to be kept in mind:

You are ever ambitious both to make money and also to acquire power. You assert yourself in your work where you serve and you always think of yourself alone. You are not unaware of your worth and your capacity. You are efficient but a realistic; you are very selfish especially in search of power. You contemplate, dream and you make efforts entertaining hopes. You live on hopes, you are mostly optimistic. But you become desperate and brokenhearted, whenever you meet with failure and when there is undue delay in the realisation of your ambitions; so it leads you to overwork and exert too much. Your health will not permit so much of strain. Further mentally also you always contemplate, mediate and tax yourself very much. Due to overstrain you will feel fatigued. You should develop dignity and diplomacy and avoid nervousness and discontent. You have an intense desire to influence others, to manage them, direct them and also persuade them. You meddle with other in one way or the other. This causes irritation in your friends and also in your close relatives. You must learn to understand and control yourself. As regards the sex, you are incorrigible. You should know that you will have your best period between your age of 56 to 70, therefore, you have to be working without much expectation in your early days and ultimately you will find that your patience has paid you amply in the end. You may become lazy, sluggish, due to the poor results you have in earlier days; but cultivate activity. Never be worried and be gloomy; otherwise digestive system will become weak and flatulence may be caused. Your health is also so fragile and weak that very easily you are upset by pulmonary affection also. It is also not uncommon that people working with much of anxiety and over-strain at last suffer from heart disease. None has gained anything by merely worrying. Be active. Do not be selfish. You will have grand success in your life.

Astrology is divine Science and tries to indicate future probabilities and thus helps the native for proper

Planning with increased awareness and with preparedness for accepting the GODíS WILL thruí planets.