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You would change your views quite suddenly without any consideration; at last you realise that such a change has not done any benefit to you. Hence consider every matter deeply, calmly and wisely. You will not relish others’ suggestions. But cultivate to take the advice of the wise and experienced persons who proceed steadily in all matters. You will be dogmatic in religious matters. You will be a fanatic and an extremist. This will create many enemies and cause varieties of troubles. Whenever you meet with opposition, you lose your temper. Use your militant nature and abuse others. You will sweep aside every obstacle that confronts your way without scrutinising the means you employ to get rid of it. So give up that fighting tendency and be considerate. Whenever there is litigation about your land/building or the boundry try to compromise. In married life, do not widen the gap, by repeatedly finding fault with your partner for silly things and picking up quarrels. So, have a control over your temper. Do not get elevated when someone talks high of you. Consider why he talks so and judge properly. Neither be extravagant nor impulsive suppose you do, as you like, then you yourself will say that you had wasted a great deal of time, energy and money. Do not you realise that hasty action takes you by wrong route and the whole attempt was a waste? Hurriedly one thing which you can do, is to catch flies, as the Russians say, so cultivate patience, perseverance will follow. Prosperity will be the result. But if you never hear others, how can you expect others to answer your call when you need it. That is why, in politics, none can be a successful person for a long term. Always you should have a long range policy. Follow the above advice. Will you do? Then you are the leader.